What you NEED is a

High Performance Coach

It shouldn’t surprise you that Founders, Executives, and HR at companies have a lot of great ideas.  In fact, most of them already have a huge backlog of great ideas.  


The problem is th lack the time to get all of them done.  So the last thing they need is a consultant to come in and add more things for them to do.


What they really need is someone that can be their sounding board and help them process what will move the needle and what is not.  What they need is a High Performance Coach.

Do you Really Need a Coach?

While the knee jerk reaction for many is “I don’t need a coach!”, there is a lot of value for startup founders &  executives to have a High Performance Coach.High Performance Coaching not only improves the leader, it can have dramatic impact on the business.

My Approach

Over my career I’ve worked with too many consultants, and 9 times out of 10 I ended up frustrated with the process and disappointed with the results.  I promised myself that if I ever started my own firm, I would be a different kind of consultant then the one I experienced.  That is why my approach to High Performance Coaching is built off of 3 core beliefs.



I am not here to force fit you into a cookie cutter shape because that’s the only model I use.  Your path to becoming a High Performance Leader will be unique, and how we build it will be what works best for you



From my experience, too many coaches focus on elaborate models or complex theories.  Coaching you to be a High Performance Leader doesn’t have to be that complex.  I use simple methods that work with no fuss.




Too many consultants treated me like a cash cow, and tried to sell me on more and more.  I won’t do that to you. My focus is on helping you become a High Performance Leader, not use your colleagues to expand my customer base.


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