A High Performing Culture is comprised of Talented Employees.  


Delivering Critical Priorities


Role Modeling the Right Way Of Working


Proactively Building Strategic Capabilities


Being Supported by High Performing Leaders!

High-Performance Cultures are not something you can create in 1 day.  You build it as you would a tower out of building blocks… brick by brick. 

1) Everything starts by ensuring your people are aligned  and delivering the CRITICAL PRIORITIES for your company's success.

2) From there you should ensure your company's structure, processes, and overall WAY OF WORKING is aligned to those priorities.

3) The third step is to ensure you have people that are proactively building STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES to deliver those priorities in the right way.

4) Finally, your company needs to have HIGH PERFORMING LEADERS to keep the startup and everyone moving in the right directions

Stages of Maturity
You don’t need a supercomputer to solve basic math problems, and you don’t need advanced High Performance tools for a company of 25 people.

The simple truth is that the tools you use to build and sustain a High Performance Culture evolves as your company grows in size. Founders / Executives / HR of smaller companies shouldn’t spend time or effort on complex tools to build their High Performance Culture.  It just isn’t worth it.  

For each size of a company, there are specific  actions that Founders / Executives / HR can take to build and sustain a High Performance Culture, while also laying the foundation for success in the future.

My Approach

Over my career I’ve worked with too many consultants, and 9 times out of 10 I ended up frustrated with the process and disappointed with the results.  I promised myself that if I ever started my own firm, I would be a different kind of consultant then the one I experienced.  That is why my approach to helping you build a High Performance Culture is built off of 3 core beliefs.



I am not here to force fit you into a cookie cutter shape because that’s the only model I use.  Your startup’s High Performance Culture will be unique, and how we build it will be what works best for you



From my experience, too many consultants focus on flash and not enough on substance.  A High Performance Culture is not built off of fancy campaigns or posters on the wall.  I build simple solutions that work with no fuss.



Too many consultants treated me like a cash cow, and tried to sell me on more and more.  I won’t do that to you. My focus is on building your High Performance Culture, not upselling you on all my other services.

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